• All enrolled 3+ year old children are entitled to 20 Hours ECE Funding (up to 6 hours per day, 20 hours per week maximum). Any additional hours on enrolled days are charged at $6.50 per hour. Please note that 20 Hours ECE funding will cease for absences of 3 or more consecutive weeks.
  • All other enrolled tamariki on enrolled days, $6.50 per hour.
  • If space allows casual enrolments (including for enrolled tamariki attending on non-enrolled days) shall be charged $10.00 per hour.
  • A daily admin fee of $1.00 per child per day of attendance applies. This fee is optional for tamariki receiving 20 Hours ECE Funding.
  • For tamariki who are not permanently enrolled, fees are payable in advance. 

Fees are charged on the permanently enrolled booked hours, or hours attended.

Fees payable on invoice are encouraged to be paid by Direct Credit into our bank account within 14 days of receipt of invoice.

Please ask for a receipt for cash when paid to the office (No Eftpos available).

Accounts will be emailed on Tuesday.


If 4 weeks notice is given of your child's absence no fees will be charged for up to 3 weeks absence.

20 Hours ECE Funding and WINZ Childcare Subsidies will cease if your child's absence is longer than three consecutive weeks.


If 2 weeks notice is given of your child's absence, 50% fees will be charged for up to 3 weeks absence.


If less than 2 weeks notice is given of your child's absence, full fees shall be charged.

Holding Fees

A holding fee hold's a child's place for prolonged absences of 3 weeks or more:

  • If 4 or more weeks' notice is given, a holding fee of $10.00 per day shall be charged.
  • If less than 4 weeks' notice is given, a holding fee of $20.00 per day shall be charged.
  • Holding fees are charged in the fourth week of absence.

For unusual situations a holding fee shall be determined and applied at the discretion of the Finance Committee

Absences and Changing Days

We plan staff rosters weekly and according to ECE ratio regulations and the children booked.

The more notice we are given of children's absences, the easier it is to change ratios to efficiently manage staff and tamariki,

as well as allowing other tamariki to attend, if space permits. 


Parents will be charged for the hours that they have booked or signed for

(Not including 20 hours ECE, or WINZ childcare subsidies) each week.


If your child is enrolled full time ( 5 days per week) then they are entitled to 10 sick days per year.

If your child is enrolled part-time , they will be entitled to 5 sick days per year. Full fees shall be charged after this. 

Please e-mail us or leave a phone message to advise us of absences as soon as possible.

Portfolio / E-Portfolio

Your child will receive a portfolio reflecting all their experiences and learning at WCK. 


The total cost of this is $40.00 per annum to be charged bi-annually 2 x $20.00 which covers the folder and printing costs.


Note, for a child that attends for only 20 hours ECE Funding, this is an optional charge as provision of a

portfolio is not a Ministry of Education requirement. 

Overdue Accounts

The centre has the right to terminate your child's enrolment in cases of 1 month overdue accounts,

and refer outstanding fees including collection costs to debt collection.


WINZ Childcare Subsidy: Many families are eligible for a Childcare subsidy from Work and Income NZ;

please ask us for information and assistance. 

Please note, 3 weeks or more consecutive absence, WINZ subsidies will cease 

For more detailed information on our fee schedule and fee policy please contact our office