Whenuakite School

Enrolment Procedure

 Whenuakite Country Kids currently has an extensive waitlist for both our Tui and Kereru Rooms.


To enroll your child at the centre, please download and complete our Enrolment Form from the link above,

or you can collect a physical copy from our reception desk.

Please send this along to us, with a copy of the childs full birth certificate, and current immunisation records.

Your child will be added to our waitlist from the date we receive this information. 


**Please note that whilst everyone in our wider community is welcome, due to our extensive waitlist, priority is given to children from the Mercury Bay South Ward including Cooks Beach/Ferry Landing & Flaxmill Bay, Hahei, Hot Water Beach and the rural communities of Whenuakite, Coroglen and Kaimarama.


Please refer to our Enrolment Policy form GMA10 for our full enrolment process.

Starting your child at WCK

To help settle your child, it is ideal to visit as many times as possible prior to the start date. Please visit and stay with your child to help them feel familiar with the Kaiako, children and WCK routines. We welcome you to have tea or coffee and talk with staff prior to your child's start date to ensure your child's needs will be met and you and your child are happy at WCK. We have the policy that states a minimum of three visits prior to your child starting, preferably on the days that they are booked. One or two of these visits, you'll be a asked to leave the Centre for a short while to help your child with saying goodbye and understanding that parents and Whanau always come back.


The centre is open from 8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.


During the July school holidays, WCK closes for the first week only, re-opening and operating as normal for the second week.


The Christmas/New Year break is approx 3 weeks long.

Dates vary for this each year.

Arrival Time

* During a childs enrolment, all authorised pick-ups are issued with an individual pin number which they are required to enter into the ipad. This number helps to identify who is coming and going from the centre, and can also be used for Covid tracing purposes if necessary. Please ensure you use 'YOUR OWN' pin number when dropping off or collecting children. A list with your pre-assigned pin is available from reception if required.  


When you arrive with your child at Whenuakite Country Kids please take the following steps:

  • Help your child find his or her name on the name board
  • Sign your child in on the ipad using your individually assigned pin number.
  • Encourage your child to find their locker and put their bag away.
  • Cold food is put in the fridge tray, lunch boxes on the shelf and drink bottles in the drink tray.
  • Settle your child into an activity and ensure that a staff member knows of your child's arrival.

Departure time

*For safety reasons, we will only let your child leave with people that you have nominated on your enrolment form. Your authorised pick-ups will be assigned their own individual pin number for entry in the ipad.

If you need to make alternative arrangements for your child's pick up, please let us know ahead of time.


When collecting your child from Whenuakite Country Kids please take the following steps:

  • Speak to a staff member about your child's day and inform them when you are leaving.
  • Encourage your child to collect their artwork, lunch box, bag, coat and shoes.
  • Check the notice boards, daily reflection book and your child's pocket for any messages.
  • Sign you child out on the ipad using your individually assigned pin number .


Please note - Our Kaiko/Child ratio is based on your childs enrolment times. 

Between 8-9am and 3-4pm, we have only the necessary staff rostered on for the children enrolled during these times.

To avoid being charged additional fees, please advise us ASAP if you are going to be dropping your child off earlier, or collecting them later than your booked times. 


Please refer to our fee policy for late fee charges.


The centre is not responsible for children after hours, and while in transit to and from the centre.



Meal times


Children are very active, so really look forward to meal times.

Please send along a packed lunch, including morning & afternoon tea in a named lunch box,

as well as a named water bottle. 

  • Between 9:30-10:00am we will have morning tea. Fresh drinking water is available at all meal times, and the children are encouraged to use their own drink bottle.
  • Around 12 pm we will have lunch. We encourage healthy lunches including sandwiches, fresh or dried fruit, yoghurt, boiled eggs, cheese and crackers etc.
  • Afternoon tea is around 2:30 pm where the children will finish any remaining food in their lunch boxes.



If your child has a bottle, please ensure that these are named and placed in the kitchen. If the bottles are to be made up by our staff, please advise the quantities. Any milk allergies need to be made known to Kaiako and recorded on our allergy list.



Toilet training

This is a natural process that all children go through at different ages. Kaiako will work with parents to support the child with this developmental stage. Please let staff know when you're starting this process at home so we can continue at at Whenuakite Country kids.

Remember to bring lots of changes of clothes and underwear too!


If your child wears nappies please supply an adequate quantity. A named packet may be left at the centre. You will be charged for any nappies that the centre needs to provide. We provide  wet wipes. Please provide any special nappy creams that you wish the staff to use on your child.


When your child has been issued medication from a doctor, details must be written in the medication register and signed by the caregiver. The medication must be handed to a staff member and not be left in the child's bag. The staff member will sign next to the time the medication was issued. Please refer to our medication policy for further information.


Accidents do happen and we are prepared. At all times there is a certified first aid Kaiako at the centre and we are equipped with first aid equipment. All accidents are recorded in the accident book and parents are advised of all accidents and incidents. Parents will be required to sign the incident form and take a copy of the white page with them. All serious accidents are reported to the centre supervisor and investigated.


Due to the risk of infection spreading throughout the centre, we're unable to take care of sick children. Children will need to be kept at home when they're ill and causing concern or:

  • Have no interest in activities or play
  • Have little energy, want or need to sleep for long periods
  • Cry easily, are irritable or in pain
  • Constantly wanting to be held and comforted
  • Have a fever
  • 48 hours from last incident of diarrhea or vomiting
  • 24 hours from first dosage of antibiotics

If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you so that you can collect your child as soon as possible. Please refer to our infections/illness policies for further information.



When enrolling your child you are required to produce your child immunisation records. We encourage but do not enforce immunisation and take no responsibility for a disease your child acquires that would normally be preventable by immunisation. We will advise unimmunised children's family of any contagious diseases that occur and will require them to exclude their child from the centre until we have notification that the disease is not present in the centre anymore. Parents will be asked to bring along updated immunisation records when the child has further vaccinations.

Sleep Time

Children are ready for rest after they had spent a busy morning engaging in the exciting educational activities. After lunch we encourage children to rest or engage quiet activities whilst giving the children who need to sleep an opportunity to do so. We try and follow infants home sleeping patterns where possible. Kaiako will discuss individual requirements during your transition visits.

Sun Safety

During summer (Terms 1 and 4), it is our policy to wear a sun hat when outdoors, unless advised in writing. Please ensure that your child has a named hat in their bag.


We also expect your child to arrive at Whenuakite Country Kids with sunblock already applied so that they are ready for a day outside. If your child is with us all day, we will reapply sunblock again after lunch. If your child has an allergy to sunscreen or if you prefer to use a specific brand, please name and supply this.


Your child is going to be very busy painting, dancing, doing indoor activities, eating and playing outdoors. For these reasons we encourage children to wear suitable clothing for the appropriate weather conditions. Please also include two named changes of clothes in their bag and a few spare pairs of underwear. We also encourage children to wear shoes that they can get on and take off on the own with ease. Please make sure everything is named, including accessories; e.g. shoes, hats, etc.

Lost Property

Any unlabelled and unclaimed items of clothing are placed in the lost property box and will be donated to charity if unclaimed after one term.

Personal toys

At Whenuakite Country kids we have a wide range of exciting and educational toys for your child to interact with. Personal toys brought from home can be easily misplaced or damaged and we cannot assume responsibility for them. If your child has a special toy for sleeping with we're happy for this to accompany them at sleep time otherwise we kindly ask that you leave personal toys at home or in the car. Please encourage items of interest for news, e.g. insects, postcards, photos, books or verbal news.

Birthdays and Celebrations

Birthdays are a time for us to celebrate with your child. At the centre we celebrate birthdays by all joining together for a birthday mat time. A special card is made by the children we also make a Play-Dough cake. You're always very welcome to join us for the celebration.

Social Media Photos

Photos of children taken whilst at our centre or at centre related activities, must be given permission from parents to be shared publicly prior to uploading onto any social media site. Please refer to our Digital Citizenship and Technology  policy (located in the office) for further information.

Social Competencies and Behavior Guidelines

We believe the children and adults are treated with respect and dignity at all times in our centre. To ensure the safety and well-being of the children and staff we provide positive guidelines for all to follow. Our centre is committed to enhancing and expanding the social competencies of all children enrolled here. The ability to interact with others, regulate your emotions, and communicate with others is essential for life learning. As Kaiako we will provide the environment, resources, and skills for these competencies to develop. Staff and parents will be provided with professional learning and resources to support them to use developmentally appropriate strategies with children. From time to time with reoccurring behaviours, we will need to seek support from outside specialist agencies.

Parents permission will always be sought.


Contacts and Communication

Please advise us if you change your address, email or phone numbers. This is important in emergency situations and centre closures.

When enrolling your child you are required to give details of persons authorised to collect your child, plus an alternative contact in case of an

emergency when the parents cannot be contacted. Please make sure you notify us if there are any changes to this information.


Centre communication will be posted to Storypark, sent via email or placed in your child's pocket (by the front door).

The Centre publishes a monthly newsletter, which will be emailed to you and posted on Storypark.

These are also available for downloading from from the News tab on this website.


07 866 3360

Enrolment Application Form
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