You will need to keep your child at home when they are ill and causing concern or:

-Have no interest in activities or play
-Have little energy, want or need sleep for long periods
-Cry easily, are irritable or in pain 
-Constantly wanting to be held and comforted 
-Have a fever 
-Have diarrhoea or vomiting 
-24 hours from first dosage of antibiotics

Please refer to the Ministry of Health Infectious Diseases chart by clicking on the pdf link below. 

Please note re impetigo (school sores) WCK excludes children until the sores have stopped weeping.  Your child will require an antibiotic ointment.  When returning to WCK, please ensure the sore is dry and covered with a bandaid to stop the spread of infection.

If your child becomes ill during the day we will contact you to collect your child.  Pamol will be administered in cases of emergency, ie: pain or fever with your permission only.

infectious_diseases_chart.pdf (Size: 162.33 KB)

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